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February 17, 2017

Welcome to the Blog page of TGATR. We hope to bring topics of interest pertaining not only to the period of our story 1890-1910, but also broader issues in the world of turquoise. Today when we think of turquoise it is most probably associated with beautiful Native American jewelry using turquoise from throughout the southwest and the world. At the beginning of our story native artist’s were just beginning to set turquoise in silver and the demand was for clear non matrix sky blue stones often set as clusters with diamonds and pearls in Victorian style jewelry.
In our blogs we hope to answer questions about turquoise and expand understanding and awareness of this magical stone. Please also sign up for our newsletter that will provide longer essays on the world of turquoise. The first will be on tips for collecting turquoise. Thanks for your interest and bookmark our page to keep in touch.
Phillip Chambless
Mike Ryan

Book Title: The Great American Turquoise Rush 1890-1910

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