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The Himalaya Cabin at the Royal Blue

March 17, 2017

Julius Goldsmith and his wife at the Royal Blue at Royston in 1908 0r 1909. Goldsmith was the nephew of Lippman Tannenbaum, head of the Himalaya Mining Company that had operated in California at Halloran Springs. The cabin still stands and has been known as the Tiffany cabin although neither Charles Lewis Tiffany nor his son Louis Comfort Tiffany, nor Tiffany & Co, ever owned any mines anywhere during the Great American Turquoise Rush, except for an affiliation with the American Turquoise Company at Cerrillos New Mexico. Read the full story in The Great American Turquoise Rush:1890-1910. Philip is mining at his claims in the Royston district and we hope to show you the cabin as it is today in an upcoming Blog. Also make sure to use the Newsletter Signup tab to receive our newsletter.

Julius Goldsmith, New York cowboy and turquoise miner, and his wife, at the Royal Blue.

Book Title: The Great American Turquoise Rush 1890-1910

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